Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Report Second Grade

It was a short week but nice. Both girls worked on the hamster lapbook and they got to see some hamsters up close when we went to the caged critter's show on Tuesday morning.

I started working on form drawing with my youngest. She did this one of straight and curved lines.

She also learned about when to use c, k, ck, s or z. She loved learning about Swiftlets and their tiny edible nests.

In math, our gnomes moved to a land where they built a cabin and in this picture they are planting plants, they also divided up their animals into pens. She worked on numbers within 100 and subtraction within 6.

She had a nice week and we are having a lot of fun with school now. She really looks forward to math with the gnomes and the math work she does on her own is going so quickly now that she has her red gnome and the gems to help her along.

At the fair this week, her favorites were the horses. She also liked checking on her projects that are on display.

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