Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly Report Second Grade

We had a nice week. I put together a lot of the pages before hand for her work so we would just have to do the active parts and go over the information.

We took a walk with multiplication and found that she likes to put things in groups and then count them.

For phonics we heard as story about how K was a king and needed a helper who was c. And that sometimes they had to work together in words. This is the page I made for the phonogram ck. The fable we read was "Bundle of Sticks." It was a story about working together.

We also took a walk with Division. We found that she likes to put things in to baskets in equal amounts.

After learning about the weaver bird, the project was to weave a potholder. Here she is starting to put the loops on the loom. Next week she will be working on weaving it.
It was a good week.

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