Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Report Fifth Grade

We started our days reviewing the Norse tale that she read the day before. She is enjoying these and I can see her starting to calm internally. Then we go onto grammar.

This is a one subject/one predicate or action sentence that she diagrammed. We did it with the sentence cut and pieces and the manipulatives first and then she wrote the sentence on the paper to show what she did.

This is her picture of the asteroid belt. The dark colored stones are hotter than the others she told me. In history she learned about Andrew Jackson. In math she enjoyed working through the first chapter of this story:

The beading project didn't progress much. We had to buy new needles. Then they bent too much so we need to buy another package of different needles. Hopefully next week, I can show pictures of the progress of this project. It was a good week.

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