Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weekly Report Fifth Grade

I think we had a good week with some breakthroughs. She "got" long multiplication. We were going over problems from last week and all of a sudden she said "Oh!" and I knew she got it and she hasn't gotten these problems wrong since unless she misread a number.

She also got a reserve champion ribbon in her level for caged critters. I think this really helped to build up her self-esteem. And she rediscovered her old PBS favorites of "Cyberchase" and "Word Girl." So I am hoping the period of bad TV is on its way out.

In history, she learned about the war of 1812. Because we are going to be learning about Native Peoples, she is starting a bead work project. This is the pattern she made and she will make a bracelet on a loom.

In grammar we worked with subject and predicate. She enjoys highlighting the parts of speech with markers.
In science, she learned about the Earth and Mars. Here is her page on Mars.
It was a good week with much progress.

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