Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly Report Fifth Grade

It was a good week. She has said that she finds the stories of creation from the Norse Myths to be on the gross side but she is enjoying them.

For science we are learning about the planets. She drew Mercury and I wrote down the pertinent facts for her.

In math, she has been working on long multiplication. Singapore has not gone this deeply into this type of math. I am having her work problems from Rod and Staff. In this method, she takes the top number and multiples it by the number in the ones place. Then transfers the answer to the row where it goes. Then she takes the top number and multiplies it by the number in the tens place but she make it into a ten. Then she adds the two answers. I thought graph paper would help her keep her numbers in order.

We are working on conjunctions in grammar. For this page, we learned that pronouns can act like conjunctions like in this sentence: There was a bunny who had too many babies. Who is used as a conjunction.
I am pulling her back from doing her independent work in a room by herself. The work has gotten sloppy and she is making silly mistakes. So next week she will sit next to me while she works on her independent work.

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Robyn said...

We're reading the Norse myths too... my kids agree! Of course, the boys love it! Their favorite god right now is Thor!


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