Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday Work In Progress

After listening to all the Waldorf Connection podcasts about handwork, I felt like knitting again. In the past I've made small animals out of squares of knitting, scarves and even a couple of hats that didn't turn out. But I have always wanted to make a purse.

So I found this site: And I went through quite a few of the links before I found one that would be simple to try out first. I wanted to start with something small and work my way up to a bigger project. So I am making a cell phone bag but I am actually making it as a tiny purse.

The pattern I am using is this one:
But I have changed it a bit. I am making 1 long strap instead of 2 short straps and I am making a closure for the top.

I am using a knitting tower to make the long strap.

This is the purse part. Once the sides were even, I did a stitch 2 together decrease on each side to create a nice pointed closure and I added a loop to attach to a button.
I also misread the directions so I knitted 1 row and then purled the next. The bottom is done in Knit 1 Purl 1. These are supposed to be opposite. The body was K1P1 and the bottom was supposed to be stockinette stitched.
I still have to stitch the sides together and form the purse. But I also want to line it and so I will be picking out a pretty fabric for the inside to make it more sturdy.
I think it will be a cute little bag that will be just right for crowded outings where you want a purse that just holds a bit of money and your driver's license. I like these sorts of purses for fairs, parades, amusement parks, etc.

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