Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Morning--Because Monday was a Holiday

Right now I am regretting letting my girls go to VBS. If they hadn't gone we could have taken the week off of school and just enjoyed the holiday and getting ready for 4-H. Instead we took Monday off, are frantically doing projects for 4-H on top of doing school this week.

It is a busy week this week. Today we have to get our paper work signed for 4-H, go to the library and I need to fold clothes and clean the house.

Wednesday they do judging for regular 4-H and Thursday they judge mini-4-H. Next year should be better since they will both be in regular 4-H.

So what are we bringing for projects?

Wildlife poster--How we grow
Caged Critter--our rabbit and a notebook about her
Present wrapping (we need to wrap the present)

A pincushion for the sewing project
A horse diorama (we still need to make this)

I know I had such high hopes and a long list of projects for us to do and we ended up with just a few.

On the school side, things went well this morning. My oldest started reading Norse Myths and my youngest enjoyed learning about weaver birds.

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