Saturday, July 10, 2010

Suddenly Busy Friday

It was raining when we woke up Friday morning and I thought we might not be able to have play group. But by lunchtime it was just over cast and turned into a nice day. We spent the afternoon playing at the park and the girls had a good time.

That is usually enough activity for Friday. But it wasn't this week.

It is 4-H Fair week, and my husband's office has a booth out there. And he was working the booth last night. Well, our 4-H club was asked to work the Hands-on building (there are small animals and activities for kids). So we worked the building for our slotted time.

Then we still had 2 1/5 hours until we could leave. This was not our "official" fair night. So we found out where the girls' projects were on display. Looked at all the animals. My youngest got to spend time with the horse she rides when she takes lessons. And they both got to pet a Lynsey-Wolsey rabbit who was so fluffy.

After the animal buildings we went through all the buildings with various booths and displays then we walked around the rides so they could think about which rides they want to ride. By then it was close to time to go.

So our day consisted of 3 hours at the park and almost 6 hours at the fair. It was a long day. We got home very late and everyone was asleep quickly after that.

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