Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pictures of our File System & Rhythm

I thought I would post pictures of our effort to organize.

This is our daily routine for the week. I took the idea of doing a rainbow effect from Childhood Magic. But gave each day its color and then did a rainbow effect down the side.

I labeled the hanging files with the month and week. Within the file you can see a red folder and a purple folder. This is so that I can keep their work separated.

In the front of each hanging file, I have a piece of paper like this. It has to do, library or field trip ideas on it.

Week 1 in August for my youngest has her schedule, The Big Snow, ideas for the 3's tables and counting by 2's activities as well as paper for form drawing and her lesson on double letters in words.

In the 5th grade folder, there is her schedule, grammar activities, and the information for her map unit.
I hope this helps you to see how I've set everything up.


Kara said...

Thank you! I always enjoy how others set things up - I'm particularly intrigued by the rainbow rhythm chart you made. so pretty!

Thanks for all that you share here!

Best Wishes,

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I got the idea for the rainbow rhythm chart from another blog and I will try to link it when I find it again.


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