Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Organized School

We are organized for the school year. My lesson plans are done through December when we will start new curriculum and all is ready to go. So what have I done?

Child's folders:
each subject has a sheet that shows the topics for each week
a calendar to mark 180 days of school

File cabinet drawer:
hanging file for each week of the year
1 folder for each child within the hanging file
each folder--schedule/lesson plans, any worksheets, any instructional material, books, file folder games, etc. that we will use that week.

Workboxes (6 drawer wheeled cart):
1 for each child
subject drawers
textbooks and this week's work within the drawers

2nd grade drawers:
main lesson (history/science)
On Your Own (Rod & Staff math, copywork)

5th grade drawers:
main lesson (history/science)
On Your Own (math, reading, spelling, grammar, composition, etc.)

I have plans done for 3rd grade year which will start in January. Her drawers will look like this:

language arts/story
main lesson (science/history)
lapbooks/On Your Own

The last drawer on the workboxes are used for extras--lapbooks that need to be put together, craft supplies, books that go with the curriculum that we aren't using, etc. They are junk drawers.

It feels good to have everything planned an laid out. It will be nice to know that I can just pull the file out, and toss them in the right drawers and be ready to go for school the next week. It's all kind of freeing. Thanks to all of you who have inspired me to use these systems.

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