Monday, July 26, 2010

MP3 Players as an Tool for Inspiration

We finally got with the times and put away our tape players and bought MP3 players for the family. Our reasons:

1. We have times when it would be nice to use them. (car trips, gym, pool, etc.)
2. We have things that we want to listen to but can't because we don't have an MP3 player.
3. The gym has lost its cable service and so this way I can keep my girls occupied with something else besides bad TV.

I have found some nice resources to inspire me in how I parent and educate my children for the MP3 player:

Gnomes Radio Show A Little Garden Flower's inspiring shows.
Rudolf Steiner's books You can download quite a few of his books and listen to them.

Some nice resources for the kids:
Old Children's Records These are from the 60s and quite a few are story records.
Kiddie Records Weekly More old albums for kids.
Songs for Teaching These are memory songs for a variety of subjects/skills. Once I looked at this site, I realized it charges for the songs.

Some things the whole family may like:
Homemade Homeschoolers podcasts Old time radio shows, books, etc.
Internet Archive Lots of old books read out loud.

I think that the MP3 player may end up being a nice passive learning tool for all of us.


Kara said...

great list of resources! Thank you!

We like to have something to listen to while working on handwork and I always like a little something in my ears when working at the computer, too :-)


Amanda, the Head Nut said...

Don't forget your Barth. Co. library. They have great books you can download from their website. You go from the Overdrive link on their homepage. They have books for regular MP3 players and Ipods (which are harder to find). I like these better than the free ones available on the net.


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