Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Morning

Read Aloud: The End by Lemony Snickett
Form drawing: straight and curved line (2nd grade)
Norse Myths: reviewed the Creation of Man (4th grade)
Hamster lapbook: classification of hamsters

Then I worked with my oldest. We are finishing up conjunctions, learned about the 1-1-1 rule for spelling, wrote a paragraph, learned about the Earth and Moon, and worked on decimals and multiplication with regrouping.

With my youngest we learned about when to use c and k, that you can eat the nests of the swiftlet, our gnomes went on a journey and built a cabin, and we got to move around the hundred's chart by adding/subtracting 1 or 10. She did some work on subtraction within 5 on her own.

It was a fairly good morning although my oldest has a bit of an attitude. I am grateful though because she rediscovered her old favorites on PBS: Cyberchase and Word Girl. They are so much better than what she has been watching.

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