Tuesday, July 27, 2010

File Crate Systems

I read about this at Rockin' Granola. It is a system in which you have weekly file folders in which you keep all the material that you think you may need for your lesson plans.

So for example:
You would have a folder for week 6. And say your curriculum says that you are learning about sea life. Any ideas you come across before week 6 on sea life, you print it out and stick it in the file and you have what you need on hand.

This is very, very generalized. This is actually a very organized system that keeps your life together week by week throughout the year so that you have your booklists, lesson plans, worksheets, extras and anything else you want to include filed away so that you can find it when you need it.

I have added links on my organization page for the File Crate System. I don't know that I am going to use it, I have something similar that I am using with binders but I can see where it would make life easier.

But check out the organization page, there are resources there on:

file crate systems
taking care of the home
time management

Basically, everything you need to get started on organizing your time, house and school.

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Queen Bee said...

I've used something similar, although more simple, for the past 3 years - finally really getting it right this past year. I have a hanging file-folder box. I break our year into quarters (this year we did 40 weeks, but I'm changing it to 36 for the upcoming year). We had 10 weeks in each quarter. I pre-planned everything for each week, put it in the folder for the week. Some weeks we had to make slight changes, but overall it worked beautifully. I didn't pre-date anything as I knew that would be foolish. It definitely keeps us on track. It's a ton of work up front, but it cuts back on SO MUCH during the year. Good luck with your system!! Keep posting about it!


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