Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Awkward Stage

I had read about it but now I am seeing it in action. There comes a time when the child's body is growing so much that they have trouble adjusting to the changes and all of a sudden they become clumsy.

My oldest is experiencing this time of life. She is all legs and arms and feet. We went to the fair last night and she wore my tennis shoes because they fit. When we went to put her on the jumper they weigh the children and she has gained 20 pounds in six months. Where is it? In her longer arms and legs.

She is now too tall for most of the kiddie rides which are safe and OK fun. But she is too scared to go on the big, wild rides. She went on the Ferris wheel with Daddy and was scared. But she loved the jump and with her longer legs was able to propel herself fairly high.

It is a difficult period in that they are big enough to do some things but not quite ready for others. It is an in between period. She is growing out of childhood and into adulthood. She is often bored and confused and in an uproar.

She is also opening up to so much of the world. She is taking everything in and learning and growing. It is so amazing to watch this change.

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