Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4-H Results

My oldest daughter showed her wildlife and present wrapping projects today. She got Blue ribbons for both. Yeah!

They were a bit critical in the judging and we got some good feedback. Despite the fact that she is normal very talkative, it was like pulling teeth for the judges to get her to respond to their questions.

Wildlife--she needed to have used a ruler to make things balanced, the green squares needed to be perfect in shape, and since the title and labels need to be in the same format. Otherwise, he gave her the blue ribbon for good effort. I worked with her on this project all spring doing the activities in the book and she did put a lot of effort into coloring the animals.

Present Wrapping--her corners were not sharp enough, a piece of tape was folded over and the paper she made you could see white spots where she didn't color it in good enough. They told her to be sure to read the directions and that she did a good job with the bow and the colors.

All she has left is caged critters which gets judged next Tuesday morning.

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