Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's in the box? Second Grade

Wondering what we have lined up for the second week of the school year? I think we have another fun week lined up.

Second grade:

Box 1--Reading/phonics:

Also we will be working with the phonogram "u." I will tell the fable of the Mule.

Box 2--Main Lesson:
Math writing numbers, the 1s tables
Social Studies the calendar page for April
Science termites, we will make a nest out of salt-dough
Language arts more rhyming words "ock"

Box 3--Math: Singapore is working with division and then numbers to 100, Rod and Staff is 13, 7, 6.

Box 4--Fun Stuff:
Lapbook The Kentucky Derby KY, Louisville, Churchill Downs and thoroughbreds
Pharaohs Djedefre, Khafra, Menkaura, Shepseskat
Read Aloud Dr. Doolittle

Box 5--On your own:
Math addition within 6 and 7
Copywork horses

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