Thursday, June 24, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

So what do we have lined up for fifth grade next week?

Box 1--Grammar: We will start working with this book:

Conjunctions and interjections will be the next concept we work with. We will work with conjunctions, make a list of them, find them in pairs and as adverbs.

Box 2--Spelling: We will be working with list L-2. We will spend time making pages for one, lone & alone, sounds of tch, and sounds of ey. We will also mark syllables of the words.

Box 3--
Science: Star charts and the solar system
History: Thomas Jefferson and Lewis & Clark

Box 4--Math: We are still working on decimals but will start adding them.

Box 5--On Your Own:
Math: multiplication with 2-digit multiplier

Grammar: writing sentences using punctuation, singular possessive, plural possessives and writing sentences with helping verbs

Spelling: analogies, writing sentences for word pairs, practicing writing words.

Lapbook: Edison lapbook will be completed and we may start a new one.

Vocabulary: looking up words for this week's history lesson

I think she will have a good week this week and she continues to make progress.

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