Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

Now for fifth grade:

Box 1--Grammar: Prepositions from, using them at the end of a sentence, using 2 together, and phrases.

Box 2--Spelling: continuing to work on list L-1

Box 3--
Science: Early Astronomy and Greek Astronomy
History: Thomas Jefferson and Lewis & Clark

Box 4--Math: decimal work to the 1000ths

Box 5--Independent work:
History: Reading Ben and Me chapters 8-11
Lapbook: Thomas Edison, vocabulary, team, awards and good night
Composition: notetaking from Ben and Me
Spelling: phonogram and sounds work with list L-1
Grammar: possessives
4-H--finish genealogy project and work on caged critter project

It is a bit busy but I think it will be a good productive week. We have about two weeks to get all the 4-H projects done so it will be a bit crazy around here until they are done.

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