Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

I thought I would separate the box listing this week. So this is what we are doing for fifth grade next week.

Box 1--Grammar: Prepositions

We will make pages on when prepositional words are adverbs, where, when and into/in.

Box 2--Spelling: List L-1 and we will make pages on e-drop rule and the phonogram ui. We will also mark the syllables and the phonograms in the words on her list.

Box 3--
History: Ben Franklin's almanac
Science: rivers, water cycle and early astronomy

Box 4--Math: decimals

Box 5--On your own:
Math: review
SWR: compound word worksheets (3), past tense verbs
Grammar: look up vocabulary, contraction worksheets (2), and possessives
Lapbook: Edison vocabulary, flipbook, types of pattens, and how to get a patten
Composition: she will come up with the topic and write a paragraph
History: Reading chapters 4-7 of

We will also be working on 4-H projects:
Genealogy--she needs to interview all 4 grandparents and her parents
Wildlife poster on mommies and babies
Write a limerick to complete the creative writing project
Practice wrapping gifts.

I think it will be a good but busy week.

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