Thursday, June 3, 2010

Weekly Report June 3, 2010

It was the first week of school for the new school year. It started a bit rocky but I think we had a decent finish.

Second grade:

She enjoyed the story of Hildy the bee which can be found at this site: Actually, all the pictures and ideas were very helpful in presenting the lesson on bees and their homes. We tried to make a honeycomb out of beeswax but failed miserably. I got the wax warm enough to mold but we couldn't get the shape right.

She has been reading this book on her own:

So we are making progress in reading. She did fine in math and made a nice page for March in her calendar. I am happy with the start to the new school year. She has been balking at her "on your own" math work but with time she will get past it.

Fifth grade:

My oldest daughter is doing very well with independent work and is really doing a good job at working off of a check list. We are having trouble fitting in the 4-H projects because we get such a late start in the morning.

We finished up the work on adverbs and she placed ahead in the SWR diagnostic test for spelling although we are picking up where we left off in the lists so that she doesn't miss anything important. Math has been less stressful since we are doing easy decimal work. She has also been reading some of her Oak Meadow history and science by herself instead of having me do all the reading for her.

I think that by next summer she will be ready to do Oak Meadow 6 as written and do all the reading on her own.


With the Monday holiday we ended up with a 3-day week for school and activities. Tuesday we spent time doing chores and made a trip to the library. Wednesday was Lego-robotics and they started learning how to program the robots. We also came up with a summer schedule and started planning our fund-raiser.

Overall, I am happy with the week and how things are progressing. I think it will be a productive summer and I am looking forward to the progress that we should make. By the end of summer my youngest should be reading and my oldest writing paragraphs with little difficulty.

How was your week?

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