Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weekly Report June 17, 2010

A good but busy week. I am going to post the highlights.

They had a lot of fun. My youngest loved the crafts and my oldest made new friends. Wednesday my oldest got to go to a pool party with her class. They also enjoyed all the singing and dancing. It was a very good VBS program.

Wednesday Outing
On Wednesday since my oldest was at a pool party/picnic with her VBS group and my youngest felt left out so we had a special day. We went to lunch at Zaharakos (an old fashioned soda fountain just like from 1900) and then went to Kidscommons for the afternoon where we met friends. She had a nice time.

The soda fountain is always so much fun. There is a lady who works there who explains to us how everything works and we love having strawberry sodas although sometimes we get the strawberry ice cream sodas but they are really rich. And all the drinks are served with a paper straw not a plastic one.

I've enjoyed listening to the podcasts from: This week I enjoyed learning more about rhythm and a very encouraging talk by Tanya Burgoyne. I've felt so inspired. I also listened to the botany podcast at A Little Flower Garden. I have on my list for this weekend: Old Testament stories at A Little Flower Garden and all the grade planning ones at The Waldorf Connection that will air on Saturday.

These talks have so inspired and encouraged me and I am feeling very positive about myself, how I parent and this school year. I hope that they can encourage and enrich your lives as well.

Working Out/The Pool
I was able to work out twice this week and take the girls swimming twice as well. The local gym is becoming a great place to go. I am feeling better about my physical self as well. Now we just need to work on the spiritual side.

It was a great week and I am looking forward to a good summer. We are feeling so much more positive and content. How was your week?


Donna said...

Glad you are enjoying the workshops!


Moonbeam said...

It's great you've found inspiration and encouragement to keep you going. I'll have to check those out. Thanks for sharing what you are doing and how you are caring for yourself.


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