Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekly Report June 10, 2010

The first two weeks of school are over and we are taking a break next week while my daughters to to Vacation Bible School. I'm going to spend the time that they are gone on personal projects such as writing or going to the gym. I am starting to try to take better care of my body through diet and exercise. I have a high risk of heart attack because of personal history.

So how did things go this week?

Good. We had a really nice time and I am finding that listening to the podcasts have helped me to relax and be a better teacher and mom to my children.

What am I happy about this week?

My youngest daughter is taking off in reading. It is getting easier and easier for her and she is sounding out words on her own. I've found that waiting until after the 7-year change is really key with learning how to read.

My oldest is growing up so fast. She is understanding, insightful and so independent.

What problems did we have?

My youngest didn't want to do her calendar on Tuesday so I let it rest overnight, listened to the podcast on cooperation and I gave her a choice on Wednesday: "Do you want to draw the picture or write the words first?" She happily drew the picture and wrote the words without prompting.

I would have to say that it was a good week for learning. The girls continue to grow and learn and so do I. How was your week?

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chubbycheeks said...

It is so fun when they finally get into reading ;)


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