Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday Morning--Because Monday was a Holiday

We started the new school year today. As usual, whenever we come back from a break there was moaning, groaning and tears. Why does it have to be like this?

But we got through it. My youngest did fine in reading. She was a little rusty but she did OK. The tears happened when she couldn't draw the horse she envisioned for her March page of her calendar. I had to let her take a break and work with her sister for a while.

My oldest did fine when we were working together but once she started her independent work the moans and groans started. Then I went back to working with my youngest who did fine for the rest of the school work time.

Today we have library, baths and all of our Tuesday chores. On Wednesday we have Lego-Robotics. Thursday is at home and Friday is both a used curriculum sale and playgroup for a busy day.

So it was an OK start with a busy week ahead of us.

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