Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Second Grade Work

These are pictures of Monday and Tuesday's work.

Our picture for little minus. It says minis is also called subtraction and difference. We worked out a few problems and my daughter drew the picture of minus and her trail of lost gems.

I tried to introduce her to crochet but she wasn't ready yet so she started with finger-knitting. This is the chain she made.

On Monday, we reviewed the consonants and she listened to the story of St. Fronto's Camels. So when we made a page of the consonants she drew a camel on it.

This is the calendar page she made for June. It says "June is for swimming," with waves of water between the words. She drew a white rabbit and horse swimming.

This is how she does her "on your own" math work. I give her the paper with addition circles and gems to solve the problems. She does one or two rows of math problems and then we go onto the next lesson.

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