Saturday, June 12, 2010

Second Grade Resources

As you know we are using Oak Meadow second grade but my daughter hasn't been very excited about the story books that go along with it. So I've been searching for some books that will go with the second grade curriculum but will also engage my child's interest.

Instead of the Animal Stories and Fables books we are using:

This version comes with a CD but they don't have a picture of the version we have. These stories are nice, short, easy to scan through and retell and fun.

Instead of the Just So Stories, we have decided to go back to the Waldorf source and add in some of the stories from:

We are doing some of the stories but not all.

And then I am looking at checking out these books from my library just to give my daughter a view of other "spiritual" people.


The Chee-Lin book is the only book that popped up in my library's system about Confucius.

I sort of wanted to stick with animal themed stories and I think that my daughter will really enjoy these stories and books this year.

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