Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Second Grade--July's Plans

I listened to the last Waldorf Connection broadcast with Melissa Neilson and how she plans. With all of the information I took in over the last few weeks, I decided to review our plans for the rest of our second grade year.

This is what we are looking at for July:

phonograms: ck with Bundle of Sticks, c or k, g, s or z and St. Frances and the Wolf, plurals and St. Frances, vowels and St. Frances.

animals: the weaverbird and making a potholder, the swiftlet and making a gum nest, rabbits and drawing the inside of a burrow, and building a nest in the wilds of our backyard.

math stories: times page, working with times, division page, working with division
A New Land story build cabin, planting, animals, bread
milk, chicks & ducks, horses,
2's tables clock, times table form, pattern picture, counting pennies

We will also do our Singapore Math work. She will work on her own in Rod and Staff. We will continue our survey of the Pharaohs. And we may do a lapbook on fairies or Leonardo's Horse.

She will finish her pin cushion for 4-H and we will work on crocheting a scarf. We may spend some time painting toward the end of the month and add some form drawing to her pages.

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