Tuesday, June 29, 2010

School Supplies

In July, school supplies will migrate to the local stores and be put on sale for great prices. So I thought I would write a list of what we find are the most important supplies for us. Sort of a shopping list.

White paper--we probably go through a box a year of copy paper between notebooking, printing things out, and drawing.

Colored paper--2 pastel, 1 green, 1 bright and 1 neon each year. I've found that we use green a lot.

Loose-leaf notebook pages--10 packages. I use them for school, making lists, planning, etc.

Notebooks--1 box. Again, we use them for school, planning, drawing, journaling, etc.

Toner Cartridges--2-3 per year.

3-prong File Folders--20 is the number I want this year. 10 in red and 10 in purple. They are nice to use to make finished notebooks as well as to keep day to day work in.

1" Binders--10 is the number I want. We use them to put all sorts of information in.

3" Binders--2-4 to store their daily work for the year.

Pencils--4 packages

Colored pencils--2 packages

Markers--2 packages

Glue sticks--20 a year

Tape--20 rolls a year

Pencil-top erasers--1 package

Plastic pencil boxes--5+, I like to pick these up at garage sales. They are great for storing school supplies and for storing small objects and collections like sea shells, foreign money and postcards.

We also keep on hand:

3-hole punch
1-hole punch
electric pencil sharpener
block crayons--8 piece set and my large set with all the colors

These supplies will fill our needs for lapbooking, notebooking, drawing, coloring, and daily school work. I hope you find this list useful.

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