Thursday, June 10, 2010

More Inspiration

I was reading through my favorite blog lists today and came across this post:

This is so true. I know because I am still in our trap. When my children were little, I stumbled upon Waldorf and at that time I really wanted to just clear my house of all the plastics and TV and everything but because I feared what our families would say and think I never did it.

But I have cultivated the artistic and story side of Waldorf. And we have integrated Montessori materials. And have enriched our daughter's lives and education that way.

But now I feel like going back in the basement and cleaning out the classroom and getting rid of all the stuff that we don't need. All the stuff we are hanging on to the hopes that we may someday use them. All the stuff that the children are done with.

I want a clean fresh start to this new school year.

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