Monday, June 7, 2010


It is no longer morning. I couldn't get into my blog most of the day because the site was down. But that's OK. We had a good start to the week. You want to know what happened?

1. As I sat up school this morning, I realized that I am having my oldest do quite a bit of work on her own and that it would be nice to have a checklist for her. I've searched the net but have yet to find a good assignment/homework checklist or student planner that I like. I need to google it I guess. I just looked at all my usual download places.

2. My youngest had everything click for her with reading and she read the first two sentences in a Pony Pals book this morning. She also did her math without complaining all on her own. I am very happy with her progress.

3. My oldest is no longer on the Lego-robotics team due to the coach for some reason not wanting her there. She gave me a really lame reason that could have been easily fixed. We are looking for a new team now.

4. My oldest is doing very well with independent work. She is reading textbooks and is able to work through a pile of work on her own with a check-list. She also is doing well with decimals. I am also happy with her progress.

5. We said good-bye to my sister-in-law who came to visit the family for the weekend. It was a wonderful visit and we all had a great time.

6. The library trip was productive. I had my oldest pick out a non-fiction book to read this week in addition to the stack of comics and graphic novels she normally chooses. My youngest got a stack of books that she can read now and others to look at for inspiration.

7. I tracked down an Oak Meadow 3 syllabus for a good price. It is a 1998 but I think I like the older syllabus' more laid back style rather than the new ones which look like they have been rewritten to conform to more rigid standards. We will add housing, farming and Old Testament units to it if they are not included.

8. I listened to:
And I think after we finish Dr. Doolittle, we may see about getting the recommended book on the saints and read that.

It has been a great Monday and we have a fairly free week. Only playgroup this week. How was your Monday and start to the week?

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