Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning

Our family is on more of a second shift schedule so it was hard for my girls to get up early to be at Vacation Bible School by 9:00. They were a bit sullen and grumpy as I left them and my mother described them as "two bumps on a log."

I picked them up at noon and they were excited and happy and said that they had a lot of fun. The theme is Adventure/Pirate. Each age group has their own tee-shirts so it is easy to tell where the children belong.

My youngest liked making crafts and made a compass.

My oldest liked when the baking soda and vinegar exploded.

So what started out as a bumpy morning ended fairly well. They are excited about going back tomorrow. On Wednesday my oldest gets to go to a pool party in the afternoon so my youngest and I are going to have a lunch date and go to the local children's museum and play with some friends.

We are hoping that it is a good week.

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