Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dealing with Criticism

Sometimes, it comes from family or friends or acquaintances or even strangers but there are always going to be those who disagree with how you parent and/or educate your children. Most of the time you can just ignore the comments but at times you get quite a few and start to doubt yourself even though you know you are doing what is right for your children and your family.

Some comments you may hear:

Your children need more structure.
My reply is that we have a regular routine and plenty of structure to our day. There are many career choices that do not involve sitting in a desk or cubicle all day long.

But the children in school are having so much fun.
My reply is Are they really? Or are you only seeing the fun parts and not the boring bits that eat up so much of childhood? I remember being so bored in school that I spent hours trying to see if I could see the hour hand move on the clock.

Your children spend too much time (fill in the blank).
My reply is they enjoy doing that but since they are homeschooled they have plenty of time to pursue a variety of activities to a very deep level.

Your children do not fit into the round hole or fit someone else's beliefs of how children should behave/act.
My reply is yes, they are highly creative and know how to think for themselves. They will never "Just follow orders." They will know when they are doing wrong and not just because some one told they what is wrong and what is right.

Don't you want your children to fit into society?
My reply is yes, but I also want them to be themselves and not spend their life trying to unhappily be someone who they are not because that is what society expects.

A lot of times we just need to "pass the bean dip" when it comes to criticism of parenting/schooling styles but sometimes it is fun to come up with witty replies. My best advice is to keep your mouth shut and ignore the person when it is not in your best interest to argue. When you feel like your children are being threatened then stand up and stand strong for your beliefs.

So what are the comments you hate the most?

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