Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Daily Rhythm

I wrote recently on how rhythm and balance keep life centered and good. Today I am going to talk about the practical aspects of rhythm and how it works in our daily and weekly life.

Most books/guides describe a rhythm for daily life that includes a breathing in/gathering close period followed by a breathing out/going away pattern that is repeated throughout the day. At our home we have a larger pattern of breath in/breath out/breathe in. But I thought I would show you more of what we do and how it works.

early morning--my alone time to breathe in knowledge/inspiration and share ideas and thoughts. I do this through reading e-mails, forums and my blog. (I have 15 minutes to 1 hour for this)

morning--time with my husband to breathe out and share what we are doing that day. It is an affirmation time where we talk, encourage and get the day started. I also do some morning chores during this time. (1-2 hours)

morning--breathe in as my girls awake. They are doing quiet things to wake up and I am putting school together for the day. This is a quiet time. (30 min.)

morning--breathe out as we do morning chores such as dressing, eating, making beds, brushing teeth, etc. (10-15 min)

morning--breathe in as we come together for school work. After listening to the podcasts I learned a new type of rhythm that we are using in our school day already but now I have a name for it: ENWS (the cardinal directions)

E--entering into learning: I call my child to the table, we generally start with a poem or having my child read to me. I like the idea of maybe starting with music or exercise instead and we may do that in the future.

N--new content: This is the time that we work together one-on-one whether it is new or review material.

W--work: This is the time when I give my child things to work on their own.

S--story: This has been happening at bedtime for us and it is when we do the read aloud to close out the learning day.

Mid-day to Afternoon--breathing out as we move away from our learning tasks and into lunch and play time. We do chores, run errands, go places, play, work outdoors and enjoy life.

Evening--breathing in as we come together with dinner time and family time. We spend the evenings in the garden, watching TV together, at the pool or just relaxing in the living room enjoying each other. We finish it off with our read aloud.

It is a nice rhythm that we have built up over the last year and it works well for us. My best advice on finding rhythm in your day is to start with where you are at and build it from there.

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