Sunday, June 20, 2010

Balance and Rhythm

I have found over time that when we have balance and rhythm in our lives that things work well for us. When things are out of balance or rhythm then everything falls apart.

What do I mean by balance?

Things are balanced when the spiritual, mental and physical needs are being met and engaged.

When we are doing spiritual things to enrich the soul such as going to church, reading religious materials that build us up or seeking peace for that need inside us then the spiritual needs are met. The physical needs are met when we are eating healthy, getting exercise, and taking care of our bodies and health inside and out. Mental needs are met when we are feeding our brains through books, audio, video, conversation, and other materials that challenge us to think and grow.

When they are all in balance things feel right and good. I feel good about myself and my direction in life. I have energy and I accomplish things.

When they are not in balance, I feel depressed, tired, run down and sluggish. I don't feel like doing things or getting things done. I feel like laying around and doing nothing.

Balance is good.

What do I mean by rhythm?

This is the flow of the day. When we have a good routine and flow to our days, every one does well and things go well. When we have lots of interruptions in our rhythm and routines then there begins to be conflict and soon everyone is out of sorts and cranky.

A nice rhythm for us includes time in the morning for school (close to home time), in the afternoon chores and outings/errands (expansion time) and in the evening family time (close to home again).

One way to think of rhythm is to think of breathing. We breathe in (everyone close) and out (everyone doing different things/away), and repeat. We have a larger pattern of close, away, and close. Within the day it is nice to have the rhythm repeated on a smaller scale.

When we are doing this everything works well. There have been times when we have decided to be involved in something outside of the home and the rhythm has become quick close, big away, little close, away, and then close. Morning activities outside of the home have this sort of rhythm where we don't have our big closeness time together and if we do too many days like this then everyone starts to display attitudes, grumpiness, shortness of temper, etc.

So I try to keep things to the normal rhythm. With a good rhythm everything starts to run smoothly in the home. We have a nice morning flow into schooltime into lunch into afternoon activities and into the evening slowdown.

Being in balance and having a nice rhythm to the days goes a long way toward having a peaceful home. But it is not something you can force it has to come naturally and then everything works right.

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