Thursday, May 27, 2010

What's in the Box?

I have next week all set up for school. We will have a 3-day school week since Monday is a holiday. I think that we are ready to get back to work and I am glad we took this time off. It should be a good week. Here is what is in the box:

2nd grade:
Box 1--Reading/Phonics: she has two books to choose from to read, we will be reviewing m,n,p,r and t, doing the story of the "Town Mouse and The Country Mouse," and decoding 10 lists of words.

Box 2--Main Lesson:
Social Studies is the month of March calendar page
Science is honeycombs with activities from here: I have also been working with our beeswax to figure out how to make the honeycombs.
Language Arts is rhyming words

Box 3--math: We will be doing a story about division and start working on the concept of dividing in Singapore math. In Rod and Staff she is working on subtraction with regrouping.

Box 4--Fun Stuff:
She will finish the desert lapbook and then start working on one on the Kentucky Derby.
Pharaoh study will be Huni, Snefru, and Khufu.

Box 5--On Your Own:
Copywork on ancient Egypt or horses
Math is addition within 6.

5th grade:

Box 1--Grammar: Adverbs more/most, irregular and double negative

Box 2--Spelling: Just the diagnostic test this week to see how she is doing.

Box 3--
History: Benjamin Franklin
Science: Ocean and ponds

Box 4--Math: starting 4b and decimal work

Box 5--Independent work
Math--rounding, numbers to 1,000
Lapbook--Thomas Edison
Grammar--plurals and prepositions
Reading--Ben and Me
Composition--Writing sentences from word banks.

Box 6--4-H: wildlife poster, finish creative writing project, and wrap a box for gift wrapping.

It will be a bit busy this next month since we will be working on our 4-H projects in addition to normal schoolwork. I think it will be a fun week next week and hope we have a good transition back into schoolwork.

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