Thursday, May 6, 2010

Weekly Report May 6, 2010

No school this week. Yeah!

We were ready for summer break. It only lasts about three weeks but we were all ready for it. So what have we been doing over the first week of our break?

Monday--we did school work and went to the library
Tuesday--we voted, went to the used book store and cleaned house
Wednesday--I had a dentist appointment and we worked on the house
Thursday--we stayed home and worked on the house

Yes, this is a great time for cleaning and getting things caught up. The girls spent time watching TV, reading, doing art work and playing outside. It was a good relaxing week.

There will be no weekly report next Friday but the following Monday I will fill you in on all the exciting things that happen next week.


Anonymous said...

Ah, a break is always nice! Hope you have a nice weekend and get caught up on everything you want to accomplish. :)

Moonbeam said...

Enjoy that summer break! I can't wait to hear what fun you've had.


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