Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Year-Round School Schedule

There have been quite a few questions at TWTM boards about year round schooling and how you schedule your time. So I thought I would post our schedule here.

Winter/Spring Semester:

runs from the first full week of January to the end of April or first week of May
spring break of 1 week (whenever we need it)

We accomplish a lot during this semester. We start new curriculum in January and we work hard during this time.

Summer Break:

2-4 weeks in May

We generally take a vacation and the weather is nice.

Summer Semester:

runs from the last week of May to the the last week before Labor Day
1 week break at some point

We start some new curriculum in June. We get quite a bit of work done during this period.

Fall Semester:

runs from the week after Labor Day to Thanksgiving (September to November)
possibility of 1 week break around Halloween

This is our winding down time. We finish up curriculum and units. The further along in the semester the fewer subjects we are doing as we finish things up and let them drop off.

Holiday Season:

runs from Thanksgiving to New Years
3 weeks off at Christmas to New Years

The children can no longer focus and they have often reached learning blockades and have forgotten how to do the simplest tasks. So we do a Christmas unit, work on math and reading. Most of the stuff we wanted to finish by the end of the year should be done although we may spend that week after Thanksgiving finishing things up.

Weekly Schedule:

4 days of school
1 day of playgroup/errands
2 days off

Our weekly and year round schedule developed over the first few years we homeschooled. It has worked well for us for about 5 years now.


Growing In God's Wisdom said...

Hi this is Tajuana from workbox group. Thanks for directing me to your post about year round homeschooling. I really like the break down of details. Love your blog. I'm a follower.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. I'm glad it was helpful. I am trying to give back for all the help I got from others in our early years of homeschooling.


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