Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Morning

I am feeling a little bit better and I think that it is the timothy hay I bought for our rabbit that is making me ill. So I am going to stick to orchard grass from now on.

The morning started out with some relaxing. I've been picking up in preparation for friends coming over this afternoon to pick strawberries and make freezer jam. It should be fun.

I have spent a lot of time prepping the coming school year. For my youngest's third grade year, I am looking at adding in more Waldof elements to Oak Meadow and have found a wonderful blog that has lots of pictures and ideas for 2nd and 3rd grade:

When we go back to school next week we are going to use the stories and ideas from the naturenest blog for our science lesson on bees. I am also going to incorporate some of her ideas into our other lessons.

I'd love to find a blog or ideas like that for 5th grade. If you know of a good site, let me know.

How was your Monday morning?

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