Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning

It is the last week of school for the year. Yeah!

I started the morning out on the phone with Dell fixing the fan on my computer. It was running loudly a lot of the time and the back of the computer felt very warm. I now know how to take off the side case of my computer so I can clean all the dust bunnies out of it. There was a big enough dust in there from the last year to make a baby bunny. Now it is running well again. Yeah!

Schoolwork is light this week as we finish things up. My oldest is finished with Singapore Math 4a and we will move on to 4b after our break. She will also finish up the first 1/2 of Rod and Staff 4 this week and be taking the diagnostic test for SWR to see if we should continue on or backtrack in the lists.

My youngest will finish up a unit on introducing the concept of multiplication and we did the last part of her Sahara desert lapbook today. Tomorrow we will put it all together for her binder.

I can't believe how quickly the winter/spring quarter just flew by. Summer quarter is coming up and it always goes so quickly before we start the fall quarter. My girls are really looking forward to three weeks off.

How was your Monday morning?

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