Wednesday, May 26, 2010

4-H Madness

We have just over 1 month to complete our projects for 4-H. We had our last meeting of our club until the fair although we may get together to share our projects. We had a big list of projects we wanted to do. Some things we worked on, some things we set aside for later. Well, later is here and now we have to finish the projects and figure out what which ones we will complete and turn in.

We are looking at this list:

Wildlife--our most complete project, we did the activities in the book, we have the correct poster board and cover, she just has to make the poster.

Genealogy--she will need to talk to her parents and grandparents. Some work involved but I think she can get this done by the end of the month. I do need to buy a binder for this project.

Caged critter--she needs to complete the information sheet and show up with Sweetheart when it is time for the Caged Critter judging.

Creative writing--she needs to do 1 more piece of writing and it will be complete. We also need a binder for this one.

Arts & Crafts: Fine Arts--she is looking at submitting one of her manga style drawings

Arts & Crafts: Modeling--she is looking at submitting one of her clay creations

Collection--We need to talk about this one.

Gift Wrapping--she needs to do 2 more practice presents and the one to show at 4-H.

What was left by the wayside?

Aerospace, cooking, microwave, computers and first aid. All of these were too complicated to complete or there was little interest.

For mini-4-H:

Farm animals--my youngest wants to make a diorama and we will display her clay horse.

Sewing--she also made a pincushion, we just need to buy the foam insert and finish it.

So I have a shopping list: 3 binders, pictures, and a foam insert.

How will we get it all done in time?

The plan is to work on 1 project each day. We have 15 days of school next month (a week off for VBS & Memorial day off). My oldest has 8 projects and my youngest has 2. So we will get the easy ones out of the way first and then work on the more difficult/longer projects toward the end of the month.

Do you do 4-H?

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