Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's in the Box?

We have 2 more weeks of school left before our summer break. Next week will be the last week of real work and then the first week of May we will be finishing things up. When we come back in June we will be starting the new school year.

So here is what is in our boxes for next week:

Second Grade:

Box 1--Reading/phonics: Horses and Ponies Easy Reader, phonograms b, e, h and i, we will also be reading Aesop's Fables by Milo Winter and she will be decoding words that use the phonograms she has met so far.

Box 2--Main Lesson: money, the calendar page for February, animal facts, Reading poems from "A Child's Garden of Verse," and "Around the Year" by Elsa Beskow.

Box 3--Math: We are working with multiplication. We will make multiplication stories with the gnomes and work with the concept in Singapore. 13, 5, 8 is the trio that we will work with for Rod and Staff as well as time and shapes.

Box 4--Lapbook:
Sahara--snow, flora & fauna, facts
Pharaohs--Khasekhemwy, Sanakht, Djoser, and Sekhemkhet. We will be starting on the third dynasty this week.

Box 5--Copywork: Ancient Egypt

Fourth Grade:

Box 1--Grammar:
Adverbs--negative, comparative, more/most, irregular & double negatives
Word sorts--quantity
Exercises--plurals, sentence types and identifying parts of speech

Box 2--Spelling: List K-7, no notebooking pages this week.

Box 3--Main Lesson:
Science--forest and desert
History--after the Revolutionary War

Box 4--Math--area

Box 5--Independent work:
Math--division, fractions and lowest common terms, multiples
SWR--homonyms, alphabetizing, phonogram work
Composition--word banks, write 6 sentences and type them up
Vocabulary--look up 2 words per day (from Oak Meadow list)
Read--George Washington biography

Project--making paper

Read aloud for everyone is: The Slippery Slope which we are listening to on CD.

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