Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekly Report April 29, 2010

It was another good but busy week. I think that everyone has made a lot of progress this year and I am looking forward to a very productive summer. So what did we do?

Monday--we had a nice start, my oldest had braces put on and one of our rabbits died.

Tuesday--bumpy school day because of new braces and the death of Hoppy. I gave my oldest the day off and did a short school day with my youngest.

Wednesday--a good day, we caught up from Tuesday, braces were feeling better, I had a hair appointment and the girls went to Lego league.

Thursday--we finished the week feeling good about what we accomplished. We will be at home today working on cleaning house.

Friday--we will have playdate in the park.

So it was a fairly busy week. I knew that Hoppy might die. Her paws swelled up and got infected over the winter but the swelling had gone down and she seemed happier although she wasn't gaining weight. We found her quickly and buried her next to my mom's cat Mitten. It is really hard when a pet dies.

The braces were mainly a distraction to school on Tuesday when my oldest had her worst day. She felt very fragile and was in some pain. I had heard a lot of kids take the day off when they get braces so I felt that it was a good decision.

Overall, I am happy with our progress. How was your week?

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Moonbeam said...

So sorry about Hoppy. It is a sad thing to have a pet die. Braces can be a big adjustment. It took my dd13 a couple of days to feel like herself after she had hers put on.


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