Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weekly Report April 15, 2010

It was a busy week filled with late-starts and school after lunch. Can I rip my hair out now? It was really OK and we made a lot of great progress and I started doing some things just for myself.

So what did we do?

Monday we had library day and we had an Ok but late start at 10:30. I started doing Aesop's fables with my youngest and reviewing phonogram sounds from the beginning. With my oldest we started a new unit on adverbs and I started reading Shel Silverstein's poetry to her.

Tuesday was filled with chores. We started school at 9:45 and finished in time for lunch but the rest of the day was writing invitations for the birthday party, making the cardboard pyramid that will be the big decoration for the party, folding clothes, cleaning the bathroom, gathering trash, and cleaning all the litter boxes (cats and rabbits). It was a very busy day finished off with watching the Biggest Loser together. The children really enjoy that show.

Wednesday we started school by 9:30 and had it done by 11 but my oldest needed to take a shower before we went to Lego-Robotics at 12:30. We got it all done and had a good time at the meeting. We are going to start working on learning the actual robotic skills starting in May. I think we have a good team lined up even though it is 5 boys and my oldest daughter right now. My daughter is the token girl.

Thursday was a whiny day for my oldest. I can tell that she is starting to emotionally cycle and will have a couple of days one week a month where she will break into tears at the littlest things. Like not getting her magazine in the mail. We started school around 9:45 but I am making bread and that interrupted and my oldest needed to get away from school work a few times due to her emotionalness and so it was rather late when we finished up.

Tomorrow is Friday and I am hoping that it does not rain and storm like it is supposed to. I want to have the children get out to the field by the park and run free. I'd also like to garage sale a bit. If it does rain we will just be inside the gym all afternoon.

So what did I do for myself this week?

I picked up a stack of Writer's Magazine, perused writing sites and started working on character sketches and my novel. I had 30 min on Monday, an hour on Tuesday and 30 minutes so far on Thursday to write. But even with one to two 30 minute periods a day to write I can make some progress.

What am I writing?

I used to want to write historical or fantasy romance but with the changes in the market, I am going to make my characters a bit younger and write for the young adult market instead. The book I am working on right now is a sci-fi story.

So how was your week? I'm off to clean house right now.

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Moonbeam said...

Great job doing something for yourself! It's so challenging to make time when there is more than enough to do for everyone else. It sounds like you had a very busy, productive week.


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