Thursday, April 29, 2010

Third Grade Plans

I've spent some time going over what third grade may look like for my youngest. This is what we are looking at doing and using over the next year.

1st Quarter (June - August)
Reading--easy readers
Phonics--SWR phonograms to th, Aesop's Fables
Read Alouds--A Child's Garden of Verse, Dr. Doolittle

Singapore: division, numbers to 100 and money
Rod and Staff: addition facts to 18
Review: addition facts 1-11

Main--Oak Meadow 2
Math: skip counting 1-5, 10
Science: animal homes
Social Studies: calendar for 2011
Language Arts: rhyming words

2nd Quarter (August-December)
Phonics--phonograms oo to ow and Aesop's Fables
Read Aloud--Just So Stories
Math-- Singapore Math 2a, Rod and Staff 3

Main--Oak Meadow 2
math--place value, 1-7, 10's counting
science--animal types
social studies--community

December: Christmas around the World

3rd Quarter (January to April)
Math: Singapore 2b/Rod and Staff 3
Grammar: Ruth Heller's books
History: Old Testament stories, primitive homes
Lapbooks: ??
Reading: ??

Main: Oak Meadow 3
grammar--parts of speech, punctuation, spelling rules
history--ancient cultures and alphabets
science--cycles earth, water, plants, etc.
math--carry & borrow, multiplication

That is the plan as I see it.

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