Monday, April 19, 2010

Third Grade Goals

I've started working on goals and progress reports. For our paper work the school year begins in June and ends in May.

So here are the goals for our partially second and partially third grade year:

Rod and Staff 3, Singapore Math 2a/b
topics--add/subtract within 100 with and without regrouping, working with multiplying/dividing 1-5, skip counting 1-10, telling time to the minute, measurement terms, money.

Spell to Write and Read phonograms
Aesop's Fables
Easy Readers
goals--to work on decoding skills and learn how to read fluently and independently.

word banks
goals--to start writing sentences and paragraphs using the word bank.

History/Social Studies
Oak Meadow 2/3
topics--calendar, community awareness, local history and mapmaking.

Oak Meadow 2/3
topics--animals, earth science

Continue to let her choose the topics and have fun with these.

I think these are fairly good goals and will get use further along the path to where she needs to be. She has been taking her time but she is progressing all the same. We also have plenty of time for art and physical education both of which are mainly unschooled or taken care of with fun lessons as they come up.

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