Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Second Quarter Planned

I finished writing up our plans for the second quarter of school. This will take us from April to August with a break in May and a week off at 4th of July. So what sorts of things are we going to be doing during the summer?

I mainly planned language arts, science and history. I did not plan ahead for math or lapbooks.

Second grade:

Phonics--phonograms A to ck, with corresponding Aesop's Fables, copywork and words to decode
Social studies--a calendar for 2011
Science--animal observations
Read Aloud--A Child's Garden of Verse followed by Dr. Doolittle

Fourth/Fifth grade (she switches grade in June):

Grammar--adverbs, prepositions, interjections, conjunctions, pronouns
History--Washington to Tyler and the Frontier (ending at lesson 27)
Science--biomes, water, astronomy, pollution, and weather
projects for history--making paper, candle making, writing an Almanac, design a flag, bead loom, and scented pillow.

I think it will be a fun summer semester. We plan to have plenty of time for playgroup, Lego league and the Pool.

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