Friday, April 9, 2010

Oak Meadow--Three Month Mark

We have been using Oak Meadow for three months now. I am still very happy with it and I think that it has solved quite a few of the problems we had been having with school.

1. Organization/Planning--Since I am not pulling everything together myself and have the support of OM, I am more relaxed and the planning portion does not take as long. Also, it gives me time to focus on troubled areas.

2. OM Science is excellent--I spent years trying out various science curriculum. We tried Charlotte Mason inspired, Sonlight, TWTM, Singapore, and unschooling it. OM is what I have been searching for all this time. This past week was so much fun with OM2 science, we read the stories about Margery's garden and the girls planned their own. The OM5 science is more than I dreamed it could be.

3. Time to focus on troubled areas--since the planning is done, I can spend more time figuring out how to fix areas that we are having trouble in.

The only downsides to OM:

1. Phonics--the phonics instruction is really lacking so we have been using Spell to Write and Read.

2. Colonial period--my oldest wasn't interested in this period so it was a bit of a chore to slug through.

Overall, I am still happy with Oak Meadow and it is getting the job done for us.


Karen said...

Thanks for posting this. After 3 months, are you still using it pretty much as is? I've often thought of using it for my two girls, but I am terrible at following directions - I never do as I'm told.

CloseAcademy said...

Sort of. I add in Singapore Math & Rod and Staff Math because there isn't enough math for 2nd and we don't have the math for 5th.

I also add in SWR for spelling. We've skimmed through the OM5 history and haven't written the letters for the science and used the writing projects for discussion right now.

For OM 2, we've used A Child's Garden of Verse and I am using Milo Winter's Aesop's Fables instead of the ones provided because I like them better. My dd also isn't ready for the readers so we are using books from the library for that.

So we are adding to it but following the path of Oak Meadow.


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