Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oak Meadow 5--How we use it

We are taking our time doing Oak Meadow since we want it to last through next April. We are using the grammar exercises, history and science portions of Oak Meadow.

We are supplementing:

math--Singapore and Rod and Staff
spelling--Spell to Write and Read and the worksheets I made to go with it
grammar--Ruth Heller's books which we are notebooking
lapbooks--rabbits, dolphins and inventors
composition--word banks, copywork

So for Oak Meadow, our impressions:

grammar exercises--these are just enough and they are good.

history--she didn't like Colonial history but we are now to Washington and I think she will like the rest of it. We use the questions/projects for discussion.

science--it was slow starting but the meat of the science is excellent. It really gets her brain to thinking and again we use the questions for discussion and have worked on a few of the projects.

So far, I need to have her start doing more of the projects and we are working on her writing skills so that she can start doing the compositions. Our goal though is to have her ready for the written work in grade 6 and to ramp up the writing this year.

I really like Oak Meadow and again it gives us a safety net or jumping off point. So far I like the second grade more than the fifth but I really love the science on both levels.

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Julie said...

I think that OM looks amazing. I'm not really in to using curriculum right now, or I would probably pick OM. Glad you are enjoying!


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