Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oak Meadow 2--How we use it.

I've had a request for more information on how we use Oak Meadow. So I am adding in reviews of how we have used Oak Meadow for the first quarter and what we will be doing for the second quarter.

For the first quarter we supplemented:

Math--Singapore and Rod and Staff (Singapore to teach, Rod and Staff to review)
Lapbooks--horses, Ancient Egypt
Readers--level 1 easy readers

What did we do?

She read an easy reader, and I wrote out letter by letter words she needed to sound out.
Monday and Tuesday we did the word family from Oak Meadow and the rest of the week we reviewed.
We did the math main lesson on Mondays which included counting by 2's and 5's. The rest of the week we composed sentences and in the last few weeks read the science stories.
The lesson in Singapore Math was next and then we would work a little in Rod and Staff.
Then we would work on her lapbook and we finished the day by listening to the read aloud. My daughter didn't really care for the Oak Meadow books although we gave them a good try. We did read Jolly Robin, a few of the fables and a couple of the poems. She also did copywork during the read aloud time: either sentences we composed or out of a copybook.

For the second semester, we are looking at:

Easy Readers--we are going to do level 1 non-fiction and level 2 readers
Phonics--SWR phonograms and rules reinforced with Aesop's Fables (Milo Winter's version)
Spelling--Spell to Write and Read lists, mainly we are going to work with the words and then I will dictate them and have her read them back to me.

Main lessons--math is more skip counting and some place value and regrouping
Science is studies of animals around us based on our observations
Social studies is making a calendar for 2011 complete with pictures
composition we will work on writing sentences based on Aesop's fables rather than the word families or read alouds.

Math--working in Singapore 1a and Rod and Staff 2, we are supposed to introduce the concept of multiplication and will work on addition within 100.

Lapbooks--Camels and desert right now

Read alouds--A Garden of Children's Verse, Dr. Doolittle (Oak Meadow)

So for the second semester we are adding in math, spelling/phonics and lapbooks. So far I have loved the way Oak Meadow works. It reassures me that we have a safety net to fall back on when other things we are doing may not be working quite right for us.

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