Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Morning

It was a busy weekend and we are all still feeling a bit sluggish but we have a busy day ahead of us. We got a decent start to the school day and finished up work with mom quickly. But we have the library today and my oldest daughter is getting braces put on this afternoon.

My oldest is working on biomes in science and will be checking out books on the forest for a project in Oak Meadow. She has a bigger load of independent work now and it takes her such a long time to do it because she keeps stopping and talking about things that are unrelated to her schoolwork. She is doing a good job though.

My youngest got to make the necklace from her Ancient Egypt Treasure chest that she got for her birthday. There are a lot of activities in there that we hadn't done in her exploration of Ancient Egypt. She also learned about change and skip counting.

I think we had a good start to the day and week. But the rest of the week really depends on how much pain my oldest is in after she has her braces put on. We will probably spend some of our time learning how to play senet and exploring more of the treasure chest this week. How was your Monday?

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