Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning

A good start to a busy day and a busy week. We started new chore checklists and got a good start on the school day. The work with mom portion of the day went rather quickly but my oldest has been dragging her feet on her independent work and spending up to an hour and half on a page of math.

We are starting to finish up things in preparation for the break. And I've started working on goals for the next school year. I will be posting those soon. It is exciting to be getting to the end of a grade year.

My youngest seems to be making a lot of progress lately and I almost hate to take a break right now. She is reading more and more and math is going so well. She is understanding the concepts that I have been trying to teach her. I doubt it but what Steiner writes about waiting on schoolwork is something I should have listened to. It is like they get to be a certain age and past certain developmental milestones and everything just clicks and they get it. And it is not a struggle or worry.

My oldest is doing OK but seems to be going through a rough patch. I think that she is going through another one of those changes. I had read that children do a big change around age 9 but we didn't have that so I am starting to wonder if she isn't going through it a little bit later. We will get through it but it has affected the amount of time it takes her to get her schoolwork done. She is making good progress in all areas and I am happy with that.

Now for the busy part, my oldest gets fitted for braces today in addition to our normal library visit. So today may be a bit much by the end of it all. Hope you had a good Monday and start to the week.

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